MAY 2ND, 2017
Introducing Facebook Reactions & Custom Weights on Notifications!

We're really excited to announce two new features to CrowdTangle that are live today: the ability to (1) rank Facebook posts based on all six reactions and (2) set custom weights for your notifications!

Here's an overview of how they both work:

  • The ability to rank posts using all six Facebook reactions 😮 : In 2016, Facebook rolled out a variety of new ways that users could react to content in the News Feed, including "wow," "love" and more. Now in your CrowdTangle Facebook dashboard, you can customize how your feed is ranked based on all six reactions. That means if you want to see the funniest Facebook video from last week or the saddest link from the last 30 minutes, it's just a few clicks away in your feed.

  • The ability to set up custom weights for notifications: You can also now give notifications their own custom weights. That means if you want a weekly digest of the most wow-ed photos or a viral alert based solely on shares, you can now do that from the same dashboard. And this works in our Instagram, Reddit and Twitter dashboards as well.

Two quick notes: This first change also means that all reactions are now going to be counted in Leaderboards and Intelligence as well, so you might notice a temporary jump in the numbers you're used to seeing.

And finally, you may have noticed but we changed the word “scoring” to “weights.” We thought it made the feature just a little more clear and straightforward.

Want to learn more? Visit our resources section for more information.