How & Why Sports Teams
and Leagues are Using CrowdTangle

Set up digests for your own accounts that go out to your social editors
Use either daily or weekly digests to share what posts worked the best among your team accounts, players’ accounts, or the league as a whole. Use it as a way to understand what’s working best with your fans and develop best practices.

Use keywords and lists to funnel post ideas to your social and editorial teams
Set up some combination of daily emails, rolling digests throughout the day and/or viral alerts based on both lists and keywords to (1) keep your writers and editors easily up-to-date on the biggest social stories (2) monitor what the media and influencers are saying about your league/team and (3) uncover great stories coming from small and unknown sources.

Set up viral alerts for players’ accounts
Use these to keep track of when one of their posts is doing abnormally well. That will help you decide if you want to repost, push the story on other social accounts, repost at a later date, do a follow-up post, etc.

Use the leaderboard to see how various social accounts compare to each other
With a list of all of your teams and/or players, the leaderboard can regularly show you how much engagement the accounts are getting and how you're doing compared to competition.

During games, put up CrowdTangle’s Live Display in your social media “war room” or press box to monitor what’s happening
Figure out what moments are getting influencers/beat writers/journalists most excited.

Monitor sponsor’s posts by creating a daily or weekly digest to see what they are posting and when they are mentioning the team.

Easily download historical data about any Facebook Page or other social account
Exports provide every post by a particular brand going back as far as you want and include post text, link text, link description, type of post, engagement metrics (ex. likes, comments, shares), shortened URL, and permalink. (Note: Twitter goes back 3,200 tweets.)

Easily track what celebrities, athletes, business leaders, politicians and other influencers are saying about your league or team
Set up a keyword search for your team, and then filter by your own influencer lists (or use prebuilt CrowdTangle lists) to automatically be kept up-to-date.

Track who is sharing your content
Set up searches around your team and your various URLs in order to see who is posting your content on a regular basis. You can also use Link Checker or the Chrome extension for individual articles.

Use the cross-platform social report spreadsheet to keep track of total interactions, interaction rate, growth rate and averages for your weekly reporting needs.