How Newsrooms are Using Advanced
Search to Find Great Social Content

Track subjects that always go viral for you, like "Kanye West" or "drones" or "marijuana." Stay on top of the most trending conversations around these subjects, and use the search to source material that is performing best on that subject.

Use keywords and lists to keep track of your brands or clients.
Use saved searches to track beats like immigration or science or Kentucky basketball. Flesh out these saved searches by going into “edit search” and adding multiple search terms that are relevant to that beat. This will allow you to seamlessly stay on top of all of the top conversations happening within your beat.

Track beats specific to your newsroom.
Simply save the term “breaking news” or “#breaking” to uncover breaking news across social. Filter "breaking news" by our local news lists, or lists that are relevant to your beat (like Texas local news or tech or entertainment). Set up viral alerts for whenever something in this search goes viral.

Uncover breaking news.
Filter out your page in "advanced search" to only see pages outside of your network bubble that are posting your stories. Get top-level information about the networks you're reaching by clicking into our search Leaderboard. Create a leaderboard email notification for this saved search to get daily or weekly updates on the outside pages your content is being placed on.

Track competitor URLs and see where they are being shared, and identify the networks they're reaching. Simply add in their URL and their brand name and filter out their main pages to see who they are reaching or partnering with. Create a leaderboard email notification for this saved search to get daily or weekly updates on which outside pages your competitor's’ content is being placed on.

Uncover thematic content, set up hashtag or keyword searches for your campaigns, then filter by your influencer lists to see who is having the most success. You can also use Link Checker or the Chrome extension to see who is sharing individual articles or videos.

Track viral headline motifs, such as "new study" or “you won’t believe.” Got a headline that always works for you? Plug it in to see what's trending based on the phrasing.

Track events, like “debate” and “Fashion Week” and get all the top trending posts around your search term. Tie these searches to a viral alert to get the biggest hits.

Find social catnip.
Plug in viral words like “wow,” “inspiring,” “OMG,” and “LOL” to track hyper-trending content, and see how these terms are being used by other publications.

Track hashtags.
Search what people are posting under hashtags. This is especially helpful on the CrowdTangle Twitter and Instagram pages, during major events, and to pull the top content from hashtags that go viral.