CrowdTangle Intelligence

Intelligence gives media publishers a quick way to see the performance of a social channel over time, as well as directly benchmark against other accounts. Long-term performance numbers can help publishers understand overall trends and more easily analyze what content is working and what's not.

Intelligence lets you put in up to 5 social accounts (on any of our platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit) and see overall account level statistics over time with graphs and charts. You can also easily compare the accounts next to each other and export everything. You can view the data by month, by year, or even by day. This data includes public interaction data (likes, shares, comments, on Facebook, for example), post type, and follower growth. In many cases, we will have data going back 3+ years.

While Facebook Insights is helpful in exposing data about your owned and operated pages, Intelligence's aim is to empower users with data about the competition, partners, and do overall industry analysis as you make content strategy decisions. Say you are Local News Station A, a local broadcaster in Chicago: You can quickly compare post counts for your four in-market competitors over the last six months. Want to dive deeper? Use the post type interaction rate breakdown to understand Local News Station B's strategy around video vs. link posts.

Intelligence does not include reach, clicks, impressions, views or reactions, currently. It also does not include demographic and geo data about audiences. All the data present is available via public APIs.

So what are the use cases? Publishers are currently using Intelligence to:

  • See performance broken out by post type
  • See performance data for custom date ranges, whether it be around singular day-long events, or all the way back a full year or more
  • Benchmark interaction rate vs. competitors, over time
  • Benchmark follower growth vs. competitors over time
  • Benchmark specific post type engagement vs. competitors over time (ex. Facebook Live, or Video specifically)
  • Track big days for follower growth, and get detailed numbers down to the day
  • Pull multiple PDFs together quickly for reporting purposes
  • Download the raw data into Excel

We've been testing this feature with several partners and received feedback that this one-stop-shop for high level analytics has allowed social media managers and data analysts to save time when compiling higher level reports. Please let us know if you have feedback at