Chrome Extension
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Chrome Extension work?
CrowdTangle's Chrome Extension is useful in figuring out which social accounts have shared your URL. The extension lets you see which Pages or accounts have actually shared the specific link in question. It can even find posts that were changed into a or included a UTM code. It shows top-level data on how much public engagement was generated from the post or tweet that included your URL.

What social networks could show up in the Referrals section?
Facebook, Instagram. This includes all public posts and tweets, and their public engagement interactions.

What’s the difference between the Interactions and Referrals sections?
The Interactions count at the top represents the number of times a given URL has been shared on Facebook. For Facebook, the number represents the sum of Reactions, Comments, and Shares on posts for Pages and public profiles.

The Referrals section shows the individual posts or tweets that mention a given URL. It provides a post preview, post date, and total interaction count for that particular post. The list is ordered by total interactions. It only includes Facebook posts from Pages, not profiles.

What accounts could show up in the Referrals section?

  • Facebook: Over 1.3 million Facebook Pages. This includes all Facebook Pages with more than 125K fans (new Pages are added automatically via an API), as well as all Verified Facebook Pages.

What does "Total Followers" represent?
Sum of Page Likes, Twitter Followers, etc. Each account's total is only represented once, even if the account appears multiple times. Users are not deduplicated, so the final number may include individuals as followers of multiple accounts.