February 7th, 2017
We're partnering with Reddit to support publishers

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Reddit!

Reddit is one of the best places to stay on top of relevant topics with communities, as well as discover stories and original content before they go viral. With our new partnership, together we will give publishers even more tools to discover trending content, identify important stories and better understand where their own content is being shared.

In a recent case study, Allison Rockey, director of programming at Vox.com, had this to say about a story they discovered on Reddit via CrowdTangle: “It was a gigantic hit for us. It was a story that was talked about in a small Reddit community with a niche audience and it was great to pull something like this from CrowdTangle. The story absolutely took off with our audience.”

Working with Reddit's awesome team, we've added several new features to help our partners do even more on the CrowdTangle Reddit platform:

More communities
We are now tracking almost 10,000 of the most followed and active Reddit communities.

More local news
Thanks to the partnership, we now have lists of communities that cover all 50 states across the U.S.

Other category lists
We have added lists for niche communities, including things like “Space,” “Universities,” and “TV Shows” to our Explore section.

Embed functionality
You can now grab a post's embed code directly from the dashboard. On any post, just click the three dots on the bottom right and select “Embed Code.”

Our partner, Alex Riccomini, director of business development at Reddit had this to say, “Reddit is the source behind countless stories that shape the news every day. In the past, writers who looked to Reddit for content had to take screenshots of comments, and they often struggled to surface stories efficiently for their beats. With our embed tool, we brought the days of screenshots to an end. With CrowdTangle, we're excited to give journalists a new way to find relevant threads from thousands of communities on Reddit — quickly and painlessly."

You can also tap into more data to better understand which communities are engaging with your content. Be sure to check out:

Search leaderboards to identify the communities that post and engage with your content. Search for your domain or story URL, select “Save Search” and then select “Leaderboard.”

CrowdTangle's Chrome Extension provides cross-platform data on link shares. Click here to install now.

At CrowdTangle, our goal is to give you the best tools to identify great content, measure social performance and identify influencers. We know that leveraging a variety of social networks is key, and we are incredibly excited to broaden our relationship with Reddit!

As part of Facebook and the recently announced Facebook Journalism Project, we are committed to making tools available for journalists. CrowdTangle is now free for our partners.

Request access
Current users who want to add access to Reddit dashboards, please email your account manager.x

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