New CrowdTangle US 2020 Elections Hub
Nichole Sessego, Global Elections Lead, CrowdTangle
As we approach the US 2020 elections, CrowdTangle is making it easier to track public content on Facebook and Instagram through a new US Elections Hub. The US Elections Hub is comprised of more than 25 Live Displays and is publicly available for anyone to use (not just CrowdTangle users) to provide more transparency into the public content driving conversation around the upcoming election.

The customized US Elections Live Displays show real-time streams of Facebook and Instagram posts related to:
  • Debates: New Live Displays will be created for each of the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates.
  • Political Branded Content: This display will show public branded content that tags US federal and state officeholders and candidates running in the 2020 election, as well as other notable individuals & organizations. This display is informed by Ballotpedia.
  • Swing States: We’ve built Live Displays that show how political content is performing across 11 swing states including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as defined by FiveThirtyEight.
  • Key Senate Races: This display tracks public content around the most competitive Senate races, as defined by Cook Political.

Check out the full hub here. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding new Displays to cover elections in Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Bolivia and Myanmar.

More Elections Resources for CrowdTangle Users
We also have a dedicated page of resources for CrowdTangle users looking to report on upcoming elections. It includes:
Other Elections-Related Transparency Tools
We’ve provided Secretaries of State and election boards in all 50 states and Puerto Rico access to CrowdTangle to help them quickly identify misinformation, voter interference and suppression so they can flag it to us for review and removal if warranted.

We’ve also partnered with the majority of news outlets to provide access and training for journalists to better understand and analyze voter interference and misinformation at the state and national level.

Lastly, internal teams at Facebook and Instagram use CrowdTangle to proactively identify voter interference and suppression as one of the many internal efforts dedicated to this work. This is one part of the approaches we're taking to combat misinformation. Some of those steps include removing content that violates our Community Standards, partnering with 70+ fact-checking organizations around the world, and ongoing work with state election authorities to fight voter suppression. You can read more about how Facebook is preparing for the election here.