How can a local newspaper compete on social media against much larger and more established brands?

That’s the big question for Aolani Donegan, social media specialist at The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C. Aolani is leading the charge to rapidly modernize the way their newsroom thinks in this new digital space — and she’s seeing tremendous results. One of the game-changers for The News & Observer, one of 28 newspapers owned by The McClatchy Company, has been it’s rollout of CrowdTangle over the last year.
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“We saw that story in CrowdTangle, our reporters wrote it up, and it blew up — hitting over 50,000 page views. That one story was a huge traffic boost for us.”
AOLANI DONEGAN Social media and Web editor

How do you get your content to stick out on Facebook?

That’s the daunting question faced by upstart digital media company Vox.com. Vox covers everything from entertainment to politics to pop culture — and specifically anything trending across social media. Vox’s mission: Identify the news that people are interested in and then explain it using their brand of explainer journalism. The company’s director of programming, Allison Rockey, and audience development editor, Agnes Mazur, have their work cut out for them.
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“CrowdTangle is perfect for seeing how our page and our competitors are performing across huge communities, and across platforms. Using it can be easier than using the Facebook backend.”

How can an organization track dozens of Facebook pages at once and curate the best posts from each to feature on their own page?

For Beatrice Frey, the organization’s social media director, the challenge was to sort through all of these accounts on a daily basis. “I would have to look through 30 page pages each day to find the best content,” she says. CrowdTangle became the solution, to help Beatrice sort through every single post and easily identify the top ones to feature.
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“There's not a lot of tools that do what it does ... I really see CrowdTangle as the only tool that adds value to our Facebook strategy.”

How do you surface the most relevant local news from social media? Or, as Kurt Gessler, Tribune’s deputy editor for digital news, puts it, “how do you find breaking news on sites that aren’t traditional, or even media?”

Tribune uses CrowdTangle’s custom Lists, Searches, and Notifications to monitor their beats on social and track down new leads.
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"We love being able to track down when folks share our content, identify them, and be social with them."

Is social video turning old TV brands into dinosaurs? Hardly. At Boston station WGBH, Tory Starr, director of social media, is working to make sure her network is reaching people outside of television. Starr's team uses CrowdTangle to identify which of their links do well and to find trending story ideas.

Starr explains: "The Masterpiece team uses a weekly digest to identify the top overperforming posts to include in an internal newsletter. Frontline and NOVA use CrowdTangle to identify trends and pitch stories. WGBH News uses viral alerts on videos to determine what to pitch for a weekly segment on Greater Boston.
"I use Crowdtangle to take all the manual labor out of social."
The Post uses CrowdTangle to keep a bead on all social platforms to determine how content is being consumed. New features are constantly appearing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For Ryan Kellett, audience development editor at the Washington Post, the goal is to push the limits of these features and make sure they enhance every piece Post piece.

But as the platforms change, Kellett also wants to make sure that the Post understands where and how readers are coming across their journalism.
"CrowdTangle helps highlight good headlines and image examples within a subject area, but also more broadly across our competitors."

How do you manage the social media presence of a national sports brand —with only a one-man social media team?

Bruce Floyd, the social media director for the NCAA’s Florida Gators, does it all. He’s tasked with maintaining multiple school athletics accounts, monitoring the social media presence of individual players, and making sure his content resonates with a national audience. In a world of scores and rankings, Bruce says “CrowdTangle helps us improve what we’re doing.”
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“We’re also trying to help athletes understand their personal brand ... CrowdTangle helps us improve what we’re doing.”

BarkPost sorts through a ton of derp every day, using CrowdTangle to weed through hundreds of dog accounts in order to find the most viral content.

“It’s pretty integrated in our day-to-day,” says Stacie Grissom, BarkPost editor in chief. “It can be cluttered to check in with all of these pages one at a time. We use CrowdTangle to see what’s going viral in other networks, and it’s good to see what other media companies are doing in terms of packaging.”

"CrowdTangle helps us find the gems much more so than Google Alerts."

Digital start-up Mitu is facing a problem: How do you measure engagement across different social platforms and content mediums? Operating cross-platform and posting everything from videos, links, and memes, Mitu is bucking old digital media standards that the best engagement is traffic.

The company is no longer looking at traffic as their core metric, but rather a combination of video views, photo impressions, and link traffic. CrowdTangle's data helps Mitu determine this metric. Mike Su, VP of product, says that CrowdTangle is helpful in two ways: to discover content, and looking at how Mitu compares against the competition.

"This is data we can take to clients and tell them that we’re really competing with more established folks."
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