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How CrowdTangle Can Help Brands
Publishing Social Content

Track Branded Content On Facebook
Use our branded content filter (found under the "More" dropdown section) to track and discover how branded content is performing on Facebook. There are some fun ways you can use this filter: 1) Set up a branded content-specific digest for your sales team, which will send you email reports on the most overperforming or underperforming branded content posts in your industry. 2) Set up a viral alert for any overperforming branded content posts, allowing you to track your own branded content, as well as the competition. 3) Track overperforming and underperforming branded content to get a sense of what types of posts work, and what doesn't.

Use keywords and lists to keep track of your brands or clients
Set up some combination of daily emails, rolling digests throughout the day and/or viral alerts based on both lists and keywords to both (1) keep your team easily up-to-date on what’s working for your brand (2) uncover mentions coming from influencers, as well as national and local media. You won't have to follow any more Instagram handles from your personal account or worry about missing an important post again. Don't forget to use the Instagram and Twitter import function under Manage > Advanced Settings to easily add everything you want to track.

Easily measure the influencers you work with
Import your influencers into a list, then use the leaderboard to rank them by interaction rate or growth rate. See who’s gaining the most followers and who has the most engaged audience. (It’s a great way to rank up-and-comers and even journalists.)

Set up viral alerts for your own social accounts
Keep track of when a post is doing really well across your own accounts. That will help you decide if you want to repost, put money behind it, push the story out on other social networks, do a follow-up campaign, etc.

Set up daily/weekly digests pulling from your main accounts
Use either daily or weekly digests to share what pieces of content worked the best. Use it as a way to streamline analytics and share best practices.

Set up daily/weekly digests pulling from your campaigns
Set up hashtag or keyword searches for your campaigns, then filter by your influencer lists to see who is having the most success. You can also use Link Checker or the Chrome extension to see who is sharing individual articles or videos.

Easily track what celebrities, athletes, business leaders, politicians and other influencers are doing on social
Set up your own lists (or use some CrowdTangle already makes available) to stay up-to-date with what influencers are posting on social in your particular industry. Bonus: You can also use the leaderboard for influencers to rank and identify who has the best social accounts for potential collaborations.

Pull together event or campaign reports
Used Saved Posts to quickly pull together all event-related posts into a list to send to clients or the others on the team. (Just drag and drop!)

Benchmark yourself
Use the leaderboards to benchmark yourself against the competition. You’ll see their post frequency, growth, total interactions, interaction rate; even what types of posts are working best for them. Use the historical interface to do deeper level analytics and full social audits. Bonus: Set up daily or weekly leaderboard emails to keep track of those anlaytics without having to come into the dashboard.

Use the leaderboard to see how your owned social accounts compare to each other
If your brand has a lot different stores, products or employees, the leaderboard can regularly show you how much engagement those accounts are getting, and you can see how they’re doing in comparison to each other.

Use lists to drive your real-time content marketing
Funnel the biggest trending stories of the day to your content marketers, and quickly see the angle that’s working best on social.

Research new business
Use a combination of custom date ranges, data exports and saved posts to quickly create your social reports on new business opportunities.