Stay on top of the stories that matter.
Benchmark yourself against competitors.
Identify influencers.

CrowdTangle is available across these content platforms

"I literally feel calmer the
instant I get on the dashboard.”


Content Discovery
We make sure you never miss a big moment. Whether it's an internal viral hit, breaking international news, a heartwarming hyperlocal story, or a competitor's biggest hit of the day, you'll know about it.

Competitive Analysis
With our platform, you can easily compare yourself to the rest of your industry, rank your own affiliated properties and discover other influential accounts across all the major social platforms.

Social Referrals
Our platform makes it simple to see who has posted links to your stories (or anyone else's). You can even identify the most influential referrers over time and see what they're actually saying about each story.

Real-time Dashboards
The best content from more than a million social accounts is surfaced front and center — and you get to choose the category. There's no limit to the number of accounts you can track or how you can organize them.

  • Discover content
  • Track keywords
  • Track links
  • Set up leaderboards
  • Access historical data
  • Search

  • Custom Notifications
    Choose from viral alerts, trending digests, automated internal social reports or a Slackbot to stay on top of the information that's most important to your team.

  • Viral Alerts
  • Weekly Digests
  • Daily Leaderboards
  • Referral Alerts
  • Slack Alerts
  • And More+

  • Big Screen Visualizations In addition to our dashboards, we have a variety of customizable visualizations designed specifically for big screens, including touch-screen displays, maps and photoboards.

  • Social war rooms
  • In-venue displays
  • Newsrooms
  • Live events
  • On-air broadcast
  • And More+

  • Stop manually creating reports.
    Gain insights that matter.

    our API

    We have a robust API that lets you directly tap into all the data we're collecting, including entire social account histories, competitive benchmarks and social referrals. Pump it right into your other internal analytics systems.

    Cross-platform Reports

    We'll automate a spreadsheet that monitors performance metrics for all of your properties across all the social platforms we track. It's an easy way to get a comprehensive look at how brands are doing on social.


    In addition to tracking individual pieces of content, you can also see what's trending on Google Search. These integrations give a bird's eye view at overall trends on the web.