CrowdTangle is free!

January 11th, 2017

We have some exciting news to share: starting today, CrowdTangle is free! Yes, free!

Now that we've joined the Facebook family, we're excited to be able to offer our service completely free moving forward. As announced today, Facebook is launching a new program, the Facebook Journalism Project, to support journalism. An important part of that effort is giving partners the data and insights they need. CrowdTangle provides critical social media analytics to help publishers around the world measure their performance on social media and identify great stories.

Here's how it works:

What if I'm not a CrowdTangle user today but I'm interested in getting started?
If you are interested in getting access to CrowdTangle, here's how it works. CrowdTangle is available for partners who are in the business of publishing original content, including media publishers, public figures and individual content creators, as well as the managers and agents who administer accounts on their behalf. All prior CrowdTangle customers will continue to have account access.

If I'm an existing CrowdTangle user, how does this affect me?
For our existing users, this means you will continue to have access to CrowdTangle, but we'll no longer charge you to use the service. In addition, you’ll now get access to the entire CrowdTangle platform and all the features that we've built to date, including access to all our integrations (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter). For more information on all of our features, check out our support page.

What if I paid for our license up front?
If you have an existing account and paid up front, you have the opportunity to get a refund. Reach out to your account manager with any questions and we'll try to make it as easy a process as possible!

Are you updating your Terms and Privacy Policy?
Yes. As part of our integration we're also updating our Terms and Privacy Policy to detail our existing practices and to reflect that we've joined Facebook. For example, we explain the information we collect through the service, and how we use that information to deliver helpful insights. We also explain that we may share information within the Facebook family of companies to support and enhance features and services. For example, if you have a Facebook account, we can recommend other Facebook services that complement the CrowdTangle services you already use. If you already have a CrowdTangle account, you can choose whether or not to agree to these updates through February 10, 2017. If you would like to delete your account, please email your request to

Our mission has always been to provide publishers with the best tools to identify great content, measure social performance and identify influencers. Now we can build an even more effective and accessible platform, and free service is just the first step!

- Brandon and the CrowdTangle team