Overperformance is calculated by benchmarking how many interactions that account’s posts usually get after a certain period of time. Benchmarks are calculated from the last 100 posts of each post type (photo, video, link, etc.) from the account.

Total Interactions
The total number of likes, shares and comments on a Facebook post; the total number of retweets and likes on a tweet; the total number of favorites and comments on an Instagram post; the total number of upvotes and comments on a reddit thread; and the total number of loops, likes, comments and revines on a Vine.

Interaction Rate
Calculated by averaging the number of interactions for all of the account’s posts in the specified time frame, then dividing that by the number of followers/fans.

The customizable weights given in our algorithm to each interaction (for example, a like, share or comment). Choose which interaction is most important to you.

Links uploaded to the platform

Status/Text Post
Text only posts

Photos uploaded to the platform

Facebook/Twitter Video
Videos uploaded to the native video players, including Facebook Live.

Video (Other)
Vimeo or other platforms and shared on Facebook or Twitter.